Neobux Experience

Rent Referral 7th Day

Last Day of renting refs. Only one among 20 refs clicked on ads since the first day I rented them. So I decided to extend this Referral for 15 days which cost me $.13.

For seven days, my total capital is $5.21. I only gained $2.520 from them including my clicks. In this strategy I lost half of my capital. Let`s see if tomorrow those referrals are retained without me paying.

Rent Referral 6th Day

All referrals are actually active this day. Almost all refs viewed the ads.

Rent Referral 5th Day

The 2 referrals I`ve recycled clicked on the ads already. Hurray! But my capital wasn`t able to return even half of it.

Rent Referral 4th Day

The new referrals didn`t click on ads, Maybe they`re still being processed. I have one referral which clicked on ads on the first day and havent click since then. So I decided to recycle this ref which cost me $.7. I wonder if this strategy will pay off in the end.

Rent Referral 3rd Day

2 of my referrals didn`t click ads since i rented them so I decided to recycle them so my renting fee will not go to waste. There`s some money to go out if you want to recycle them. As for my 2 referrals, I paid $.14. Not bad. I`ll post again tomorrow if this recycled referrals are way better than the first ones.

Rent Referral 2nd Day

Only 13 referrals clicked on the ads today. I wonder if this is because I haven`t clicked on ads this morning. But even if. all referrals should have click the ads this morning before server time, when viewing ads were not grayed out for me. I have a job to do from morning to 5:30 this afternoon so I don`t have the time to click the ads on mornings, just after my job or at night perhaps.

Rent Referral 1st Day

Yesterday I tried to use my debit card, EON, to rent referrals from Neobux. I have $6 in my Paypal account and so the purchase was withdrawn directly from my Paypal balance. But if in case you have zero paypal balance, the transaction will be completed with the use of credit card or debit card linked in your Paypal account.

I rented 20 referrals so it cost me $5. I checked my account earlier to see the progress of my referral clicks and my neobux balance. 8 rented referrals viewed 4 ads so far. I am hoping all referrals will click ads by tomorrow.


Ive been registered with this Pay To Click Site since April this year and I didn`t give much of a thought about investing until yesterday when I tried to play with my EON account. So from this day on, I will try to update this blog of my personal experience with this paying site.